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Danny and Cathy Sartin from America were here in May 2011 for a visit. Ronas and Danny have met with pastors in surrounding areas even as far as Swaziland to encourage them and build relationships with them.


We hosted the Heartlines Forgood presentation on the 21 June 2011 at the Nelspruit Community Forum. We encourage all to get involved in this new forgood initiative to unite people for good.

Joined Ventures

White River

YFC had officially partnered with the White River Methodist church who do not only contribute financially, but donated office space for Ronas in White River. We will also embark on joint out reach ventures with them, including a Youth Festival planned in 2011.

All the learners involved are part of our A.C.T.V.E. youth program at the school. This school is one of those schools that have the highest substance abuse, gangs and pregnancy rates. This school is where all the children that get expelled from other schools end up. We are very proud that so much has been accomplished by our guys. This is not always an easy task.



Mpumalanga News did an article on one of our Schools in Piernaar. They addressed the school at the assembly with a message to young people to abstain and live good lives. The principle encouraged this.

We visited Waterval Boven and Machadodorp and this was very insightful. Our youth worker there is facing many obstacles but we have a very good report from the headmasters at all her schools. They find the programs to be very helpful as the students don't always go to the staff with problems. They find that the youth go to her with problems and then in turn she meets with headmaster to solve issues that under normal circumstances would have just been left like that. One of the headmasters also reported that when one of the learners mother passed away that our youth worker went out of her way to go see the family and offer condolences this all being after hours.

Blog Entries

A Success Story...

Young girl came to our options centre totally distraught .She was angry at her mom and very rebellious. She was also hurting and pregnant.  She had stayed with her mother and had to move from one stepfather to another each time the stepfather abused her and she thought this was the way it was suppose to be until she fell pregnant and went to seek help.  They arrested the stepfather in question but her mother

Our Mentors



One of the schools that we are busy with won a trophy for a play that they did on Human Rights Day. This was directly linked to our program that reaches the youth though facilitation in life skills, drama and song etc.



Danny and Cathy’s Visit

We were blessed this year by Danny and Cathy Sartin. Danny had served in YFC US for 30 years, of which 18 of those as a regional Director. They took us to the Kruger National Park for a whole week and ministered to us, while we learnt again to appreciate nature and being away!


Day of prayer

We were fortunate to be involved in getting close to 8000 christians together to pray at the Mbombela Stadium on 27 March. It was an awsome experience. God is truly good!

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