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We are very excited as we have a volunteer who is willing to help Thandi with counseling. She is studying her Masters in psychology. This will help a great deal with our pregnant teen’s program. We are looking forward to working with her.  

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White River

YFC had officially partnered with the White River Methodist church who do not only contribute financially, but donated office space for Ronas in White River. We will also embark on joint out reach ventures with them, including a Youth Festival planned for early 2011.

She supported the learners where she could. They say that Youth for Christ fills the gap. One of her grade nine students participated in a debate with grade twelve students and she came second. They were very proud of this. They are asking for more visual aids. Youth workers are also asking to reward the educators that go out of their way to help.



Our GOLD (Generation of Leaders Discovered) had a camp for their peer—educators at the beginning of June. They discovered many hidden talents within the group which was great. The peer educators where grade eight students that we are working with everyday at the schools. They have matured since the beginning of the year. You can see a change in attitudes and outlooks in life. The program is helping them to make good decisions. The camp also builds better relationships between them. This will help them to work together to reach their peers. (foto's) They have also done some  community projects

Success Story Cont.

had the charges dropped saying she was just making it all up. We have been counseling her for a few months now and have see n a remarkable change in her. She is no longer so angry and she has forgiven the stepfathers. We are busy working with her mother and her to bring about a good relationship between them. She has also returned to school as she had to drop out when she fell pregnant.  We will still council her for awhile but she is much happier now and has a lovely little baby girl.

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OPTIONS (Teen pregnancy centre)

The centre (Litsemba Centre) where our options office is in Pienaar was officially reopened on Freedom Day 27 April 2011. The centre is an initiative of 4 locally based NGO’S with the aim to creating a place for youth in distress in the community. Our Options groups are busy making cards and beaded necklaces to raise funds for those in need.  This program counsels those teens on their options when pregnant. The program has also started making pillows to raise some more funds for the young mothers who have made the choice to keep their babies. They are in need of baby clothes and baby supplies.



Our fundraising dinner was a success and we had about 70 guests at this event. We did a presentation on the projects that we are currently busy with. The event was also put into the newspapers. This is great because it makes people aware of what we stand for and what we are doing. We hope to have more of these dinners in the future. The aim is to raise a monthly income for our ministry.