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YFC International

Who We Are

Youth For Christ is a non-profit, non-denominational, Christian youth development ministry directly addressing problems and needs of the young people of South Africa. We are in 6 provinces nationally and 183 countries world wide.

About Youth For
Christ Mpumalanga

Our interactive map will guide you to more YFC centre’s around the globe.


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Our work is based on Biblically based values education, addressing the decay of the moral fiber and family break down in our communities.We present young people with the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ and train them to make informed choices regarding their life styles, future choices and develop their own values.

We reach schools through the Active Youth and Gold PE programs as well as the following groups though workshops, camps and groups:

Out of school Youth – workshops and groups

Orphans and vulnerable children partnership with local church working with 411 OVC

Pregnant teens through the Options project, with counseling, support groups, income generating projects and referral services.




Like Skills training including topics like :


• Health management


• Self Esteem


•  Assertiveness


• Communication


• Time Management


• Money Management


• Leadership


• How to write your CV and Job Interviews

1. Volunteers

2, School’s Program

3. Out of School Youth Programs

4. Options Project

5. Orphans

6. Vulnerable Children

7. Youth Rallies

8. Church Leadership

9. Development Program

10. Other Projects

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