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For sixty years, Youth for Christ (YFC) has been communicating the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to young people. Youth for Christ was born in the mid-1940s through an impulse from the heart of God that simultaneously touched dozens of leaders in different places with a concern to reach out to young people normal church channels were missing. This led to dynamic young evangelists, using revolutionary methods, conducting lively mass rallies in more than a dozen cities under the name of Youth for Christ. With the rapid expansion of the movement there soon became a need for leadership and organization and in 1944 Chicago pastor Torrey Johnson was elected YFC’s first president, with Billy Graham as YFC’s first full-time worker.


By 1950, YFC was already an international movement with Youth for Christ springing up in cities around the globe. In 1968, we also witnessed a development that was to affect the lives and destinies of millions of young people worldwide. In a little publicized conference early that year on the Caribbean Island of Jamaica, representatives from different countries created the International Council of Youth for Christ with Dr. Sam Wolgemuth as the first International President. The birth of this international coordinating body marked a significant stage in the development of what had already become a remarkable movement. The number of nations with Youth for Christ ministry has grown to over 100. Throughout that half century, YFC’s earliest and most enduring motto has been "Geared to the times, but anchored to the Rock."


Youth for Christ continued its growth in ministry reach and ministry locations throughout the 70’s and 80’s. Different ministry models and ministry emphases were developed and refined to reach young people around the world.


In 1994 Youth for Christ launched an extensive worldwide review of our movement led by a Task Force made up of Youth for Christ senior staff from all over the world. Their work was completed in 1996 with the publication of the Organizational Development Study (ODS) Report and presented to the Youth for Christ movement in Taiwan. The ODS recommendations were unanimously accepted by the YFC movement and so set in motion the most ambitious restructuring in YFC’s 50 year history. The ODS report underscored the need for a ‘new birth’ of Youth for Christ involving renewal and realignment with a new vision and mission.


In March 2000 the YFC family came together in Muhltal, Germany for prayer and to corporately seek God’s direction. Most of the Youth for Christ leadership, including the International Board, attended the gathering, whilst others were linked through the Internet. As they worshipped and prayed together, the Lord exposed and dealt with the interpersonal and structural issues that were hindering the renovation and renewal of YFC, and by the end of that week the Lord had revealed and confirmed the way forward.

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