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Devotion to the Word of God and prayer

Commitment to social involvement

Passion for sharing the love of Christ



YFC Mpumalanga is one of the branches of Youth for Christ South Africa.  Our local branch focuses on the following projects:



As a service provider for the Department Of Health And Social Services, we facilitate workshops for disadvantaged youth, providing them with life skills to make informed health choices and live productive lives. The topics we cover include: Health Management, Money Management, Job Application, and interviews, Time Management, Team Building, Communication, Leadership, Self-esteem and Conflict Resolution. Together with Swaziland and Mozambique, we have a Team of passionate  young people to minister to schools, churches and at community events.



Options Care is a gender empowerment programme that provides counselling and support for young women and their families experiencing a crisis pregnancy.  Gender empowerment will also be included in the topics for the in and out of school youth programmes. Teen pregnancy and the life and personal implications that go with it, have become a challenge in Mpumalanga. As a ministry, we need to reach out to these young women in the communities. One leg of this projects is to establish teen pregnancy support groups in the schools we are active in. We also set up a support structure and referral system for them to get the help they need within their communities. We have trained counsellors to provide counselling in the case of crises pregnancy for those young women who seek help.  



Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) face harder struggles than their peers to be absorbed into society and become contributing members of the South African economy. Their circumstances separate them from their peers in that they lack basic resources, including uniforms, school fees and often, food.This brings about feelings of hopelessness for the future, low self worth, depression and despondency, which could result in high risk behaviour.


In conjunction with the schools, we set up a referral system for identified OVC and provide help as we can to relieve immediate needs. Apart from that, we also do workshops to minister to them in groups and assist them to make healthy and positive choices in their lives. As an outreach programme, we are in the process to establish a long term program to provide life skill training and Christian values to Children in Distress in the Masoyi area.


We have a passion for their future!

Help us to assist them to live a HIV free life, say NO to drugs and alcohol, reach their potential and become leaders in our society!


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Junior Theboga doing handcraft