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Devotion to the Word of God and prayer

Commitment to social involvement

Passion for sharing the love of Christ


Our Programmes:


A.C.T.I.V.E. Youth (Aids Conscious Teens Initiating Values Education) in 48 implementing schools

G.O.L.D. (Generation Of Leaders Discovered) in 2 implementing schools

Altogether reaching 400 Peer Educators weekly


School’s Program

Out of Schools Youth (OSY’s) Workshops with Life Skills training including the following topics:

Job Application, CV’s and Interviews, Health management, Self Esteem, Assertiveness

Communication, Time Management, Money Management, leadership.

This past year we reached more than 600 OSY’s through workshops alone!


The YFC School HIV/AIDS program is an initiative which aims to reduce the incidence of HIV?AIDS through increased abstinence of youth aged 7-19 years. This is achieved through an empowering program resulting in skills and knowledge that promote self sufficiency and confidence so youth can make protective and healthy sexual choices.


YFC Mpumalanga initiated its Peer Education programme in 2003, and has impacted 52 schools to date. Peer education in schools typically involves values based training and supporting members of a given group to affect sustained behaviour change amongst their peers and school communities. Peer educators are often described as “information providers, referral agents and counsellors” and as being “effective in promoting skills, creating a positive social norm and providing healthy lifestyle alternatives”.


Comprehensive programs such as “GOLD” incorporate key role players from all levels of a community to bring about a positive school environment, in partnership with HOPE HIV through with the Generation Of Leaders Discovered (GOLD) and Pepfar and CDC, using their ACTIVE Youth Programs, we can continue to employ the youth.












For more information on how you could assist us please CONTACT US.

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